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Here are some great videos to give you some excellent insight about our capabilities here at Paragon Machining.

Demonstrated here are great examples of Mastercam CNC Software, Lathe/ Mill, CNC Machining, CAD/CAM software and Smartcam CNC Software.

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Paragon Machining Services

Paragon Machining and Design Inc. designs, programs and produces mechanical drawings and parts using state of the art software and machining centers. The team at Paragon Machining and Design has many years of design and machining experience. We have an extensive background dealing with machined parts and customers requests used in the semi-conductor, and automotive industries as well as numerous other industries. We have state of the art equipment and are able to provide you with a quality product, on time delivery, at a fair price.

Our Services Include:

~State of the art CNC Machining
~Prototype Machining
~Manual Machining
~Short Run Production
~Long Run Production
~Hand-finishing Department
~Quality Control Department
~CAD/CAM Design
~Electronic File Transfer of drawings

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